Saturday, August 17, 2013

More water babies in the wild

DB and Matt


Have family, have life

Is there any surfing here or what?

Stay away from B29s Pulver my boy...

An angel in paradise

Ahwahanee hotel

dork dues in Yosemite

Half Dome

Bass Lake Water Babies

Miller's Landing Marina

Shred boy shreds

are we ready?

are we buggled?

are we dorks?

we are buggled

aviary visitors

dude, where's my lunch?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pelican hangs with the dudes...

His name is Beaky

He likes fish
The moment we arrive at the beach for a surf session, a pelican visited and stayed for 5 hours. It finally just settled right next to DB and just hung out while we chilled, surfed, napped, chilled, chatted. He was a big hit on the beach. Then, just after we left the sand, he flew off when a group of other people approached him.