Monday, February 6, 2012

A good surfer

-ID hazards (currents, rocks, entry/exit points) and know your friends in the lineup or make some by being polite and positive

-Plan to avoid all possible hazards including those on your rig (noseguard, blunt fin edges, UV protection, adequate leash for wave size) and learn first responder techniques to address and triage injuries-- hopefully making new friends in the process

-Respect ocean, the culture of surfing, those of higher ability and be prudent in all actions accepting responsibility for your mistakes and those of the less experienced

- Know your personal limits of ability of your equipment, yourself and physical fitness and adapt them to your session.

-Allow your body to rest adequately between sessions, eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, protein (especially after a surf session) and avoid fad diets, processed foods, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Warm up prior to surfing. Stretch after surfing. Respect your body.

-Use surfing as an outlet to be a better individual. Be a steward of your ocean and other users. Do not hassle others or become a victim to feeling surf rage but instead take an opportunity to teach and learn in each session. Help those in need and set a good example for surfing while maintaining a healthy sense of self-respect. Again defer to those of better knowledge and ability in hopes that you may learn, progress and do right by them.



Well said, clayton.

Surf angel knows his way around the breaks

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