Wednesday, December 10, 2014

West Coast Scientists: Many animals on sea floor looking sick or dead — “Everything’s dying… Dead, dead, dead, and dead”

National Geographic, Nov 17, 2014 (emphasis added): Urchins and cucumbers seemed to have escaped the ill effects of the radiation until now. But in recent weeks, reports have started to come in that they too are dying along beaches in the Pacific Northwest, Hewson said… [He and his team are] studying the urchins and sea cucumbers that are already dying to see if the same killer is responsible.

Dr. Bill Bushing, kelp forest ecologist, Nov 2, 2014: I’ve mentioned before that [in Southern California] our starfish and sea urchins have been dying… I’ve recently seen sea cucumbers that appear to be diseased as well… I’ve also observed strangely colored sea hares (big shell-less snails) in the park. The red algae they normally eat seems to have died out… Divers also report seeing far fewer of the sea hares this year.

Ronald L. Shimek, PhD, marine biologist, Nov 10, 2014: Jan Kocian, diving photographer extraordinare… has been actively surveying several marine subtidal areas in northern Puget Sound for some time… [During a Sept. 18] dive… on Whidbey Island, Washington… he started seeing things he had never previously observed.… there were many animals lying exposed on the sandy sea floor, looking limp, sick or dead. Red sea cucumbers were flaccid and dead… Aleutian Moon snails were in odd postures… pink/yellow worms [were] another rare or unusual sight…. Nuttall’s cockles were on the sediment surface with their siphons out, instead of being buried… 22nd September, the area containing dying animals was not only still present it was spreading; whatever seemed to be the cause was still doing its dirty work… 25th September [many] red sea cucumbers… were lying fully exposed, and apparently dead… 29th of September… A few living Cucumaria were acting oddly, not quite dead, but just slightly responsive to touch… Numerous green sea urchins were found with their spines in abnormal postures, definitely not looking healthy… The full extent of the dead area, and the reason for the mortality, remain indeterminate.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ventura, Calif Radiation Readings: Faria beach and Mondos

Happy to report a 2nd week in a row of reduced radiation readings for Ventura County, Calif. Especially after a very HOT summer of dangerous CPM count levels

Air: 26 CPM
Sand: 66 CPM
Water: 55 CPM

Usually, the numbers are twice the above and sustained over months. I cannot say as to why this is occurring, but for those who love the beach and ocean as a lifestyle, this is certainly greeted happily.

Another awesome October with great surf

Have board will surf...and keeping an eye on the RAD count
Sand being taken away 2 months early and ongoing. Chemtrails in the sky above, too.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Surfing Sunboy: Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation read...

Surfing Sunboy: Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation read...: My 4 year old wetsuit has a CPM radiation reading of 76. A brand new wetsuit - never in the water - 32 CPM. Still, both numbers are muc...

Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation readings

My 4 year old wetsuit has a CPM radiation reading of 76.

A brand new wetsuit - never in the water - 32 CPM.

Still, both numbers are much higher than pre Fukushima, which was 7 CPM.

Readings taken with Inspector Plus, pancake geiger counter.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

IF you enjoy the beaches of the western US or Canada...

Please take a shower and wash yourselves thoroughly - including under the fingernails - when you get home. Do not let that sand or ocean residue stay on your body or clothing any more than necessary.

For the sand and ocean is contaminated with radioactive nuclide particles that are constantly emitting beta and gamma radiation that is TOTALLY HARMFUL TO BIOLOGICAL LIFE.

There will come a time when we won't be able to go to the beach any longer. That time is very near in the future, more than most realize. Radiation particles BUILD UP and do NOT dilute over time.

Fukushima has changed everything